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We provide extra care for fragile/antiques. Also, we do so to any other belongings in the way customers like. Some examples of preparing fragile stuff for moving.

To move a grandfather clock, we take off swinging parts from the clock and pack them separately. Then we cover the clock with plastic, after which we protect its glass sides with cardboard. Wrapped with blankets the clock will finally be covered with plastic again and it is ready to go.

Dishes and kitchen glass need another way of preparing. We pack each item with packing paper or bubble wrap and place them in small or medium boxes. We avoid overloading boxes to eliminate the risk of breaking dishes and glass.

Today TVs are mostly light but can be extra expensive. To avoid small scratches, we cover them with plastic before wrapping them into blankets. Indeed, if a factory box is present, we place the TV into that box. Otherwise, the wrapped TV will be placed between matrasses or flat surfaces in our truck box.

Antique statues can be extra heavy and fragile. Plastic wrap is needed to exclude minor damages. After that, we bubble wrap antiques which allow for allocating excessive weight pressure on separate parts. The blanket covering all around protects bubble wrap from ripping off while moving the item.

Disclaimer: We do understand our responsibility to move all customer belongings safely and securely. Even at the first sight an old, scratched stool, or nightstand can be dear to customers and related to priceless customer memories.


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